We will continually strive to ensure that the rate of Nigeria's import of chemicals is drastically reduced, through empowering local entrepreneurs in the Chemical and Materials Industry.
Dr Ogbonnaya Onu, the Honourable Minister for Science Technology and Innovation stated this while inaugurating the newly constituted inter-ministerial committee on The Nigeria Chemical and Materials Industry Action Program at the Federal Palace Hotel in Lagos.

The minister lamented on Nigeria's continual dependence on the commodity economy, promising that the federal government will stop at nothing to ensure a knowledge-driven economy like the advanced countries.
It was observed that Nigeria has virtually the needed materials to produce chemicals that can meet our immediate needs.

Dr Onu enumerated the benefits of the ensuing chemical and material industry to include; job creation, chemical exports that can, in turn, boost the country's foreign reserves, improved material standardisation and many more.
He however charged the members of the committee to have the interest of the country at heart as they carry out the great task of charting the way forward for the Chemical and Materials Industry in Nigeria.

Lending her voice at the inauguration the Overseeing Director of FIIRO, Dr Agnes Yemisi Asagbra stated that respite is coming for the scientists in the country, in that over-dependence on imported chemicals will soon become a thing of the past. She enjoined the members of the committee to work in line with their wealth of experience and exposure.


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