Abuja Liaison Office


In a quest to broaden its numerous activities, FIIRO management took a giant step of establishing a Liaison Office in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja in the year 2001 to co-ordinate the activities of the Institute in Abuja. The major function of the Abuja Liaison office is to harness and deploy available resources to accelerate the overall achievement of the institute’s goals and objective.  Through this office, the activities relating to all departments of the Institute within the headquarters (Lagos), have been well-coordinated in Abuja over the years.

Furthermore the office develops appropriate synergy by interfacing between the Institute, MDAs and relevant stakeholders for general application of Science, Technology and Innovation for the promotion of effective utilization of Research and Development products.

The liaison office also has training/entrepreneurship facility to satisfy the yearnings of would-be investors and entrepreneurs. 


  1. Assisting the Director-General/CEO in the day-to-day management of the Institute as it relates to FIIRO Abuja Office.
  2. Implementing the policies of the Institute as they apply to Abuja and FCT.
  3. Preparing draft expenditure estimate and development plans for the Abuja Office.
  4. Liaising on behalf of the Director-General with the National Assembly (Red and Green Chambers).
  5. Booking and co-ordinating appointments for the Director General and Board members.
  6. Managing high level stakeholders’ access to the Director-General in Abuja.
  7. Managing the schedule of the DG to ensure priorities are given to DG’s activities in Abuja.
  8. Coordinating the Director-General’s response to emergencies in Abuja.
  9. Reports on activities of Abuja office.
  10. Supervision of Exhibition and Entrepreneurship Centre under FIIRO Abuja Office.
  11. Performing such other functions as may be determined by the Director General.


  • Liaison and Compliance
  • Operations

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