Product Quality Evaluation Division



The Division is aimed at evaluating and measuring the quality of food processes in each developed technology to ascertain the key nutrients and benefit, and saddled with the responsibility of testing product quality, determine the effects of process variation and determine deterioration in food products. This is carried out is using the appropriate laboratory techniques and research. 

In order to achieve its main objective, the division is divided into sections;

Sensory evaluation is used to improve the sensory qualities of a food product to ensure inter-batch consistency. It is conducted to understand the sensory characteristics of the product and how they influence the consumers’ preference, and enables one to understand how products perform against competitors’ products in relation to consumers’ perceptions and sensory characteristics. It is also conducted to determine whether or not consumers can detect differences between products or changes in the product due to recipe modification. Click here to fill request form

ANIMAL RESEARCH LABORATORY This section is saddled with day-to-day aspect of animal experiment which involves the designing, monitoring, execution and evaluation of all animal research in the entirety of Food Technology department. Also carries out toxicological studies, analytical studies, genetic, carcinogenic studies and other pharmacological studies. Some concluded research includes the Fish Meal Analogue Research and Ready to Use Therapeutic Food (RUTF) for the Severe Acutely Malnourished (SAM) children.

SHELF LIFE STUDIES SECTION: This section ensures that all food processes meet the required storage and packaging conditions as well the shelf life of each products.