Environmental Technology Division


The Environmental Technology Division of FIIRO started more than two decades ago. The division was set up to carry out Research & Development on waste management and its sustainability. Thus assisting industries in environmental remediation and ensuring a clean environment. The division is made up of Chemists, Microbiologists and Environmental scientists. It has facilities for environmental analyses; it has been involved in R & D activities into the treatment of waste effluents from various industries using biological and chemical methods and the design of pollution abatement devices so as to ameliorate the environmental pollution in the country. It is currently involved in the conversion of solid wastes mainly agricultural wastes to value added products.


1. Development of effluent treatment technologies using local raw materials.
2. To promote cleaner production by reducing wastes in the environment through the process of recovering, recycling for re-useable purposes.
3. To provide consultancy services to industries, Federal and State agencies and International organizations.
4. To promote mass education and advocacy on national and global environmental issues  


  • Conversion of solid waste to domestic and industrial fire-logs
  • Bio-conversion of organic solid waste to organic fertilizer
  • Production  of lactic acid, citric acid and ethanol from agricultural wastes
  • Production of oxalic acid from agricultural wastes
  • Production of dense and hollow blocks from agricultural wastes


1· Chemical & biological treatment of industrial wastewaters and liquid effluents from industries
2· Design & fabrication of  universal pollution abatement device and industrial liquid effluents
3· Production of modified clay  as adsorbent for treatment of wastewater
4· Recovery of pure slaked lime  from  automobile welders’ carbide sludge
5. Extraction, characterization and utilization of cashew nutshell liquid from cashew nut shell
6. Production of sodium silicate from rice husk.