Baking & Milling Division


The Division was established to conduct research and development into food and agro- allied processing technologies in the area of baking and confectionery products in Nigeria. 

The major objectives of the division include: 

  • Composite bread technology for baked and confectionery products in Nigeria.
  • Milling specifications of locally available grains (corn, sorghum, millet, tubers (yam, sweet and Irish potato) and other agricultural produce such as plantain, banana.
  • Rheological evaluation of composite flours for use in baking and related applications.
  • Utilization of local flours from indigenous food crops for product development to promote value chain addition.
  • Technology Transfer through training programs and workshops for investors and Small and medium scale entrepreneurs.

Some developed technologies from the division includes, composite flour bread and confectionery products, instant pounded yam flour, ripo meal production, beans flour production, and ascorbic-acid based improvers.