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Honorable Minister of Innovation, Science and Technology, Executive Governor of Ekiti State, The Permanent Secretary, esteemed dignitaries from Montserrado Company, Directors from the Ministry, Gentlemen of the press, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen good day.

I want to most sincerely appreciate my Hon Minister Chief Uche Geoffrey Nnaji, The father of Innovation in Nigeria for his unwavering support, by creating enabling environment for Science to strive, and also implementing president Bola Ahmed Tinubu Renew Hope Agenda through Innovation, Science and Technology.

It is indeed a momentous occasion as we gather here to witness the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between, Federal Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology, Federal Institute of Industrial Research Oshodi, Lagos (FIIRO), Ekiti State Government on one hand and Montessaro Company on the other Hand. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our concerted efforts to foster sustainable development and Industrial growth in Nigeria.

The Federal Institute of Industrial Research, Oshodi (FIIRO) has a venerable history dating back to its establishment in 1956. Originally conceived to catalyze industrialization in Nigeria through innovation research, The Institute has been at the forefront of groundbreaking projects aimed at harnessing our nation’s vast agricultural and mineral resources. Guided by its mandate to conduct research and development in the field of industrial processing of local raw materials, FIIRO has successfully devised numerous technologies that are pivotal to Nigeria’s socio-economic advancement.

One notable area where FIIRO has concentrated its expertise is the bioethanol production from cassava. FIIRO’s work in this domain exemplifies the Institute’s capability to align traditional agricultural practices with modern industrial applications.

Bioethanol production from cassava serves as a quintessential example of how Science can contribute to sustainable development. Cassava, a tuberous crop that is abundant in Nigeria, presents a unique opportunity to produce bioethanol – a renewable energy source that can mitigate our reliance on fossil fuels. FIIRO’s innovative processes have demonstrated how cassava can be efficiently converted into bioethanol, unveiling a new horizon for the energy and agricultural sectors and also production of some products from cassava, e.g cassava bread, fufu, cassava flour, cassava chips e.t.c

Today’s MoU signing is a testament to the synergy between FIIRO’s expertise and the developmental goals of Ekiti State. Ekiti is renowned for its agrarian economy, with fertile lands that are highly conducive to cassava cultivation. By committing to this agreement, Ekiti State is strategically positioning itself to harness bioethanol production as a key driver for economic transformation.

The benefits accruing from this collaboration extend across multiple dimensions:-

  1. Economic Growth:- The bioethanol project promises to generate substantial economic activities through the establishment of processing plants, creating jobs, and spurring ancillary industries.
  2. Energy Security:- with bioethanol as an alternative fuel source, Ekiti State can reduce its dependence on non-renewable energy, thereby enhancing energy security and promoting environmental sustainability.
  3. Agricultural Development:- This initiative will motivate farmers to increase cassava production, improving income levels and livelihoods in rural areas.
  4. Skill Acquisition and Technology Transfer:- The partnership will facilitate the transfer of advanced technologies and skills to local communities, fostering innovation and capacity building within the State.

In conclusion, today marks the beginning of a transformative journey, one that exemplifies the power of collaboration between research institutions and state governments. Through this MoU, we are not investing in bioethanol production but also in the future of Ekiti State and Nigeria as a whole. Together, we are making a bold statement that sustainable development, driven by science and technology, is the pathway to prosperity.

Let us all commit our unwavering support to this initiative, ensuring its success for the benefit of present and future generations.

May this partnership thrive and flourish as we collectively work towards a brighter, sustainable future.

Thank you, and God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria and Ekiti State

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