The department is saddled with the responsibility of carrying out procedures by which plans, programs and targets are laid-down and communicated to staffs within the institute, and also oversees other executive duties and ensures adequate performance. The department carries out policies and decisions to fulfil institutional mandate, and control the day to day running of the institute. The major functions of the department also includes;

  • Formulate, execute, review and ensure compliance to policies and rules of the institute;
  • Conduct recruitment, promotion, training and discipline of staff;
  • Interpret the scheme of service and public service rules;
  • Enhance and ensure positive work environment for efficiency;
  • Undertake administrative/management roles for the institute;
  • Advise the Director General and Departments on administration matters;
  • Administer circulars and memos


  1. Appointment and Promotion Division
  2. Staff Welfare, Discipline and Pension
  3. General duties and Pension Division
  4. Training and Man-power Development Division
  5. Appointment and Promotion Division

The division majorly carries out the following activities within the institute

  • Manpower planning
  • Appointment into various vacant positions
  • Confirmation of appointment
  • Preparing and conducting of promotion interviews
  • Processing request for upgrade, conversion and advancement
  • Deployment of staff for effective manpower utilization
  1. Staff Welfare, Discipline and Pension

The division is charged with the responsibility of overseeing all matters relating to general welfare and well-being of staff in order to ensure maximum staff productivity. Other functions of the division also involves;

  • Management of processes and procedures of staff retirement
  • Processing monthly repayment of staffs via the e-payment platforms
  • Interpretation and implementation of scheme of service, circulars and public service rules
  • Medical, Transportation, Environmental Sanitation, Safety and Security service
  1. General duties and Pension Division

The division also coordinates all the activities of processing all payments of pensioners and retired staff, by updating pension records, monitoring pensioner’s life policy, liaising with various PFAs and other activities includes;

  • Custodian of retirees’ pension and official records
  • Upgrading and reviewing of officers records to ensure they are registered with PFAs of choice
  • Organizing forums and seminars for officers within the retirement age so as to inform and enlighten them with various retirement option
  • Educating staffs on pension maters
  1. Training and Man-power Development Division

The division is responsible for both internal and external training of staffs as well as advising management on issues relating to study leave. Other functions includes;

  • Sourcing for training opportunities for staffs
  • Coordinating student Industrial Work Scheme
  • Conducting induction and orientation exercise for newly employed staffs
  • Preparing training policies in line with government guidelines.

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